Eneos Roadshow from Japan to Bandung


  1. Tirta Pelumasindo Jaya proudly present “Eneos Roadshow from Japan to Bandung “ held at Sheraton Dago Hotel – Bandung, 11thNovember 2015.

Attended by over 30 profesional  participants from many company in Jakarta and Bandung, the event was opened by Mr. Dwi Nugroho as the Industrial Sales Manager of PT. Tirta Pelumasindo Jaya who also came as the speaker of  “Keep Machine Clean and Long Lasting” Talkshow.

Became more interesting when Ms. Shoko Fujita , as the Industrial Lubricants Sales of JX Nippon came up to the stage for the “Winning Perfomance with Japanese Lubricants Technology” colloquium.

Closed by question and answer session and lucky draw, this event gave a brief idea for machine guarding to work effectively with the highest perfomance.

PT Tirta Pelumasindo Jaya would like to thank you for all attendance and support for this event.